Sunday, July 25, 2010


Why can't you just RESPECT these actors!! They DESERVE their personal time, just like the REST of us!!! Leave them the FUCK alone. I don't usually post HATE on this site but I HAVE NO problem doing it when it comes to the PAPS!! They are WRONG and in the words of ROB himself they all NEEDNEW VOCATION!!!

Full caption of what happened to Rob yesterday posted below for those of you asking.

 This Is for you Paparazzi

Here is the full caption from the agency on what happened to Rob yesterday:

Robert spent the day in Malibu, going to theaters and to a house party. When leaving the house Robert got really upset that photographers were waiting outside for his picture to follow him home. Robert went to Venice after leaving Malibu where he stopped twice asking the photographers to leave him alone, Robert came out of the car confronted the photographers and talked to them explaining they wouldn't find out where he lives. Robert asked the cops for help but they wouldn't help making Robert even more upset, both times Robert stopped his car he spent at least 45 minutes waiting at the local to see if the photographers would leave.

This just makes me sick!!

Thank u for the info @Unf4Rob


  1. Oh I even want to know what happened?

  2. SO TRUE. it made me sick when I saw the look on Rob's face

  3. It made me sick's just fucking wrong...and the fact that he asked for help from the police and they refused pisses me off even more!!!!

  4. Oh my God. Ihad no idea. This is horrible. Why is that California law not helping him?


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