Monday, July 26, 2010

Kristen and Taylor Talk to Cine Premiere

Kristen Stewart.

Boys will like Eclipse because of the action, what will the girls like?

There’s tons of action, it gets a little more violent because here’s a battle between the newborns and the Cullens. It’s a war between vampires that you haven’t seen before. We can’t say that it’s for one audience or the other. It’s just what it is: the third part of the Twilight saga, so there’s stuff that the girls will love: Edward and Jacob (laughs).

What action sequences were you involved with?

I wasn’t involved in action, I was jealous because I like doing those kinds of scenes and I had none. Taylor had to carry me the whole time, Edward protects Bella, so there’s really nothing for me to do (laughs again). I just had to act scared the whole time. Poor Bella, she tries to help, but there’s nothing she can do and she hates that position.

What are your expectations for Breaking Dawn?

I think I share everyone’s expectations, I still don’t know how things will go. I’m looking forward to the birth scene, it’ll be interesting. I wodner what Renesmee will look like. I can’t wait to give birth to a vampire, everyone has been there but me (laughs). It’ll be fun.

What did you learn about Bella?

I’ve always thought that it makes so much sense how she’s the main character in the story, she has been qualities that make her relatable to other girls. Even if everyone is a different person, we like to think we’re people chose their own destiny, She’s very strong, I’ve said this many times before, but I like that she’s responsible for her mistakes, she’s not ashamed.

Taylor Lautner.

Did you do anything specific to prepare for the role?

I had to mantain the body. I studied the book, which wasn’t a problem because it’s my favorite. I liked reading it over and over. I talked a lot with David Slade to clear up some things.

How different is this director?

The three are very different, and I like it because they have all challenged us. It’s the same role, but directed by different people. It was a challenge because we filmed New Moon, and Eclipse ight after. We had barely finished with Chris Weitz, when we had to work with David Slade. All of them are talented directors, they make great movies.


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