Monday, July 19, 2010

Kristen Stewart: What is so Wrong in Being Awkward?

From Entertainment and Showbiz:

Kristen Stewart is a rare of a kind in Hollywood these days.

While most teenage actress show skin unabashedly and answer extremely personal questions without being the least offended manner.

She seems perturbed when she has to appear on an interview or a red carpet and it seems that often her legs turn into jelly.

However no one can deny that Kristen is a really good actress because she plays every character with honesty and much conviction.

Of course she can’t deal with fame in a confident manner, but what is the big deal about it?

The girl has barely stepped out of her teens and to have reporters and fans almost jumping over her must be extremely scary and frightening.

People can’t stop laughing when Kristen comments that she fears that one day she might be assassinated on the red carpet, but has any one thought what must have made her to give out such a comment?

To deal with enormous media pressure requires a bit time and why have we become so unforgiving that we can’t give a 20 something actress to give time so that she can adjust to her sudden found fame?

Think about it guys.


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