Monday, July 19, 2010

List of Upcoming Movies for Twilight Cast

Okay, so you’re probably antsy for the Breaking Dawn movie - which doesn’t come out for another 487 days. :cry: For those of you who want to check out some of the other projects the Twilight/Breaking Dawn actors are currently working on (and some that have been released recently) to help hold you over then see the list below:

Kristen Stewart – ‘Welcome to the Rileys’, ‘K-11′ and ‘On the Road’ – both in pre-production.
Robert Pattinson – ‘Bel Ami’, ‘Water for Elephants’ and ‘Unbound Captives’ – which is pre-production.
Taylor Lautner – ‘Abduction’ – which is in production.
Jackson Rathbone – ‘Girlfriend’, ‘DaZe: Vol. Too (sic) – NonSeNse’ – which is in post-production.
Ashley Greene – ‘Butter’, ‘Warrior’ (with Kellan Lutz) and ‘The Apparition’ – all in post-production. ‘LOL’ which is in production.
Nikki Reed – ‘Catch.44′ – currently filming.
Peter Facinelli – ‘Loosies’ – currently filming, ‘Thicker’ and ‘Infected’ – both currently in pre-production.
Kellan Lutz – ‘Love, Wedding, Marriage’, ‘The Killing Game’, ‘Warrior’ (with Ashley Greene) and ‘Immortals’ – all in post-production.
Anna Kendrick – ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. The World’ and ‘Live With It’ (with Bryce Dallas Howard) – currently in post-production.
Elizabeth Reaser – ‘Homework’ – in post-production.
Christian Serratos – ‘96 Minutes’ – in post-production.
Billy Burke – ‘Removal’ – completed, ‘Baby O’, ‘Ticket Out’, ‘Luster’, ‘Highland Park’ and ‘Drive Angry 3D’ – all in post-production.
Sarah Clarke – ‘Bedrooms’ – completed.
Mike Welch – ‘Rough Hustle’ – in post-production.
Xavier Samuel – ‘Anonymous’ (with Jamie Campbell Bower) – in pre-production.
Kiowa Gordon – ‘The Science of Cool’ and ‘Into the Darkness’ – both in pre-production.
Alex Meraz – ‘The City of Gardens’ – post-production, ‘On the Run’ – filming, ‘Four to the Floor’ and ‘Savage Innocent’ – both pre-production.
Tinsel Korey – ‘Stained’ – completed.
Chaske Spencer – ‘Shouting Secrets’ (with Gil Birmingham) – in post-production.
Gil Birmingham – ‘Love Ranch’, ‘Shouting Secrets’ (with Chaske Spencer) and ‘Rango’ – both in post-production.
BooBoo Stewart – ‘Smitty’, ‘Dark Games’ and ‘Logan’ – all completed.
Jodelle Ferland – ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ – completed and ‘Mighty Fine’ – in post-production.
Daniel Cudmore – ‘A Night for Dying Tigers’ (with Leah Gibson) – in post-production and ‘Bind’ – currently in pre-production.
Leah Gibson – ‘A Night for Dying Tigers’ (with Daniel Cudmore), ‘Indie Jonesing’ – both in post-production and ‘Ride of the Apes’ – currently filming.
Charlie Bewley – ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Soldiers of Fortune’ – both in post-production.
Kristen Prout – ‘Locked Away’ – in post-production.
Bryce Dallas Howard – ‘Live With It’ (with Anna Kendrick), ‘Hereafter’ – both in post-production and ‘The Help’ – in pre-production.
Rachelle Lefevre – ‘Casino Jack’, ‘The Pool Boys’, ‘Barney’s Version’ – completed and ‘The Caller’ – in post-production.
Cam Gigandet – ‘Making Change’, ‘Easy A’, ‘Kerosene Cowboys’, ‘Burlesque’, ‘The Roomate’ and ‘Priest’ – all in post-production.
Edi Gathegi – ‘Atlas Shrugged’ – currently filming.
Jamie Campbell Bower – ‘London Games’, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Parts 1 & 2′ - all in post-production and ‘Anonymous’ (with Xavier Samuel) – in pre-production.
Michael Sheen – ‘Beautiful Boy’ and ‘TRON: Legacy’ – both in post-production, ‘Midnight in Paris’ and ‘Jesus Henry Christ’ – both filming and ‘Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue’ – currently in production.
Christopher Heyerdahl – ‘Stargate: Extinction’ – currently in pre-production.
That should keep you all busy for a while Twi-Hards!

[Thanks to much to UK Twilight for making this list!]

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