Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Talulah Riley Talks About 'The Summer House' and Robert Pattinson's neck nuzzling

Riley is a hard­work­ing Eng­lish actress best known to younger audi­ences as one of the love­able mis­cre­ants in the St. Trinian’s film series, Pirate Radio and TV’s Dr. Who. The 24-year-old’s career is on a pretty intense inter­na­tional upswing thanks to an appear­ance oppo­site Twilight’s Robert Pat­tin­son in the iTunes orig­i­nal short The Sum­mer House and a part in a lit­tle some­thing called Inception.

Let’s start with The Sum­mer House. Riley is a beau­ti­ful but reserved Eng­lish girl who decides to spend the sum­mer of 1969 in a friend’s French estate to recover from a bro­ken heart, when out of the bushes comes Pat­tin­son. The Sum­mer House packs a lot of heat into just a few minutes.

Mon­sters and Crit­ics — There are just 12 min­utes to get to know Jane in Sum­mer House. But you made her a dimen­sional per­son – how?

Talu­lah Riley — Daisy spent a lot of time with Rob and me dis­cussing the back-story, so we were aware of our char­ac­ters sit­u­a­tions and the deci­sions they’d made to get them to the point where the audi­ence meets them, in the film. Action is char­ac­ter, as they say, so just know­ing that my char­ac­ter was the type of girl who would have to run away to France to get over a break-up, gave me a good place to start.

M&C — How did you get to ‘know’ her? What did you work on to deter­mine what was she like, and what she thought, who she was?

TR — I was lucky enough to be given a copy of the book The Sum­mer House, by the writer Ian Beck. This really helped me with the char­ac­ter­i­za­tion. Prose is good for fill­ing in the details – espe­cially when there is very lit­tle dialogue.

M&C – The Sum­mer House is set in the free love era. How free was Jane?

TR — Although the film is set in the Swing­ing 60’s, Jane isn’t really that into free love. She’s more of a true roman­tic – ide­al­is­tic, gen­tle, loyal, and intensely hurt by her lover’s betrayal.

M&C — Your Sum­mer House lover, Robert Pat­tin­son has been struck by a movie super­nova. Did you work together dur­ing or before Twi­light?

TR — I worked with Rob before Twi­light. I’m very happy for his suc­cess. It couldn’t have hap­pened to a nicer guy. He’s a lovely actor and a lovely friend.

M&C — Is he a good kisser? Neck nuz­zler?

TR — He’s a very good neck nuzzler.

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