Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Is A PERFECT example of why some people should NOT be reporting NEWS on anything!!!

Now I want to say that is out of PRACTICE for me to post any PAP pics on these actors personal times but I could NOT pass up this opportunity to show people some of the idiots writing stories on Rob and Kris this is a WTF story if I ever have seen one!!

New Pictures of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Look-a-Like

Kristen Stewart was spotted this week leaving the Troubadour in West Hollywood with what appears to be a skinnier, slightly more bearded version of Robert Pattinson.

We're in no way insinuating these two are together, it's just sorta funny that she was out with some dude that sorta kinda looks like the Twilight star. Then again, he may just be some dude who followed her out of the venue.

Dare we say that she has a "type"? Check out the pictures below and judge for yourself.

The Troubadour is a medium sized music venue that's ideal for seeing bands because it's big enough to draw larger bands but still intimate enough to enjoy a good view of the stage.

this article comes from HERE

Are they REALLY unaware that she is with TOMSTU in this pic WTF??

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