Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Breaking Dawn filming in Rio (Brazil) Cancelled?

The last film in the saga Twilight, would bring the protagonists to Rio de Janeiro as it is in the book, but all that was canceled.

The attack on the Hotel Intercontinental by heavily armed bandits may have put an end to negotiations between the Secretariat of Culture of Rio de Janeiro and Riofilme with producer American Summit, responsible for films of the Twilight saga.

After the bad press that the case made world, the producer decided to cancel the shooting some important scenes in the city that would last long in the saga: “Dawn”. According to the book that tells the saga where the long and are based, Edward and Bella traveling to Rio de Janeiro on honeymoon.

Few scenes were being prepared, but the investment could reach one million dollars. Brazilian executives interested in coming production - and therefore of Robert Pattinson and Kirsten Stewart - to Brazil, are trying to reverse the situation.

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