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Stephenie Meyer thanks Chris Weitz for Michael Sheen

YES, you might need earmuffs for this episode of as the "fan junket turns." Stephenie Meyer uses the word brat, flawed, and Edward in the same sentence!!! But Stephenie confesses that she still likes Eddie. *wipes sweat from brow* She likes him so much that it was hard for her write him going away in 'New Moon.'

Hear or earmuff yourself for this convo with the goddess: Stephenie Meyer talks character development and Edward Cullen by twifans

TST: With your characters — do they run the show or do you run the show?

SM: This is something I've learned. People think you're crazy when you tell the truth on this question. But, writers don't think you're crazy, because they understand. The characters run the show. Because once you create a character, it's who they are. Sure, there are certain things they can't do. Certain things they can't say; it’s not in character. I had that problem with Edward a lot. In the beginning he was a really, a very strong character. New Moon came about because of his character. I did not want to write him going away, that was not very much fun, but if he hadn’t done that, how could he say he tried everything? He didn't try everything to save her, if he hadn’t gone away. So that whole book revolved around his (Edward's) iron nature that he had, that I could not get around. I could not just make him…he was so loathed to destroy her life. There was no way that he was gonna "okay, you're right. We'll just hang out." He’s also such a know-it-all. Bella's trying to tell him "look, this is something different than we think it is" and he's "no, I know better....I'm a 110." He's kind-of a brat sometimes. It’s so funny when people think I have constructed (in a negative way) my idea of the perfect man and how flawless he is. No, he's very flawed. I'm well aware of that. And he's lived in this world where rules don't apply to him. He does stuff that is over the line for a human person. But he is a vampire and can fool a lot of people. So going into someone's room at night isn't that bad, in comparison. And the rules don't apply to him; he does all kinds of really shallow stuff. But I still like him.


We all know Jane is a little coo-coo for coco puffs, but Stephenie gives us some insight as to why Jane doesn't like Bella and detests Alice. Let's just say a man made her do it!!!

Hear Stephenie explain: Jane vs. Alice by twifans

TwiSource: I was under the impression that Jane hated Bella more than anyone, and then we read Bree and apparently, she hates Alice.

SM: But think about it. This whole time, Aro is the one person that’s significant in her (Jane) life, besides Alice. But Aro is the one that she always wants to be the favorite of. They have this relationship. She is his prize, she is his jewel. He is unstoppable because of her. Alec and all these people are a big part of it too, but there’s a very strong relationship there. And now he finds a shinier jewel than her, and if she could kill Alice, she’d do it in a heartbeat. But she knows that she’d be in real trouble then. So she HATES Alice. Bella’s just annoying. Someone who doesn’t cringe in pain, (Jane’s talent) — how dare she! Alice is a problem for her, a big problem. You know that when it came down to the fight, Jane would have been hopeful that Alice would have gone out. And, you know, how frustrating — Aro gets there and Alice is just there, and it’s like, “oh, crap,” and then Jane is sitting there like “she’s not gonna die?” And Aro knows exactly how she feels. He’s able to play that to his benefit. He’s sick.


Shocker #1: Stephenie hasn't seen 'Underworld.'
Shocker #2: Jamie Bower has no pores.
Shocker #3: Stephenie didn't recognize Christopher Heyerdahl with out Volturi makeup.

LISTEN: talks the Volturi characters and the actors that play them with Stephenie Meyer by twifans


SM: We kicked around a lot of names with that. And Michael Sheen was Chris' choice (Chris Weitz, director). “Frost/Nixon,” he's a great actor, but I couldn't see him as Aro.

Alison: Oh, Lucian! (the character he played in the “Underworld” movies)

SM: Well, I hadn’t seen the “Underworld” thing, and I was like, "I don't know," I kinda had a different mental image. I had this actor, that actor that I wanted. And he talked me into it. First day I saw him on set, I went up to Chris and I said "thank you so much. You were right, I was wrong. I will listen to you forever, because you were SOO right on that one."

Nikki (LTT): When he delivered that line, it’s just like, "oooooh!!"

SM: It was a delight to watch him go in there. Every little take he did something different. He did slightly different things. Always, of course, lines were perfect. Never a mistake, but he would give something different for the director to pull from. And he's so great, he’s a really interesting guy. So much fun to talk to.

Bekah (LTT): My husband, who thinks I’m crazy, when Michael Sheen was in…

SM: That’s one of the reasons I love that movie…I love watching him, where every time he comes on, I’m like, “Say something!”


SM: I hate that Jamie Campbell Bower didn't get as many lines. He is chilling. He actually tried out for Demetri. And he was too scary for Demetri. We were watching it. There was another guy that — Demetri is supposed to be — Charlie (Bewley) was sort-of the in-between. Demetri was supposed to be smoother and calm people down. But then of course, maybe people don’t want to ever have somebody as the peace maker. They want all the tension. So Charlie was scary, but not as scary (laughs) as Jamie. Jamie was CHILL-LING. And that his face took the makeup like nobody else. He has no pores! His skin was perfect! He got in the makeup, and every line he delivered had so much weight. It was like "more, more please." Caius needs a story. The whole thing with him and Michael Sheen was great. Well, Marcus too.


SM: Chris (Christopher Heyerdahl) is just..........creepy. Creepy. He just did this thing where it sounded like he had 500 years of dust on him. That part of the movie…I was sitting there talking to him, and I didn't know it was him. He's bald. I'm used to him with the hair. So I'm sitting there talking to this tall, bald guy, thinking that he was somebody else. And when I realized it was the actor, I’m thinking really quickly back through everything — did he know that I didn’t know who he is? And then I told him…"I didn’t recognize you without the wig and the red eyes and all that…"

THANK YOU, TwiFans!!

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