Friday, November 19, 2010

Robert Pattinson’s “Out with the physical, in with the digital!” impromptu concert

By Jennifer Grassman

HOUSTON,TX(Hollywood Today)11/18/2010–Gone are the days of black-and-white television, VHS is antiquated, and we find ourselves in the twilight of the DVD age. With nearly everything available as a streaming feed or digital download, media of the physical have become obsolete. In fact, the obsoleteness of the physical has become so pervasive that you can now attend a private house concert in Houston from your living room in Bangladesh, should you so desire. Yes, that’s right; a private house concert on the other side of the world is yours to attend, free of charge. How is this possible? Because, “Out with the physical, in with the digital!” is pop culture’s new mantra.

Liam Bonner imports opera from a “packed house” to, quite literally, a packed house, in his recent SoFar Sounds concert.

Take YouTube, for example. Everything on YouTube is free and is derived from millions of different sources across the globe. It’s a fun and cool concept, but what if such a concept where honed to accommodate elite, private events that promoted music and the arts? Enter SoFar Sounds, otherwise known as Songs From A Room. SoFar Sounds is the brainchild of David Alexander, also known as the British musical phenomenon Passion Ate Dave. Passion Ate Dave began hosting house concerts in London, filming them and posting them online in 2009. The concept was met with high praise and noteworthy attention. In fact, Robert Pattinson of “Twilight” vampire fame performed at a London SoFar Sounds house concert earlier this year. In the subsequent video (which now has more than 88,900 plays on YouTube) Pattinson dons a beanie hat, strums an acoustic guitar and sings in a soulfully raw voice.

Watch Pattinson’s SoFar Sounds performance on YouTube here.

Last week, I had the honor (being a recording artist myself) to perform at a SoFar Sounds event in Houston. It was held in a posh bachelor pad downtown and organized by the ineffable Heather Pray, arts patron and director of communications for Houston Young People for the Arts. At the Saturday night soirée, approximately 60 people where stuffed with burritos by FreeBirds, squeezed into an artsy albeit sparse living room and awed by a diversity of live acoustic performances.

Robert Pattinson performed an impromptu SoFar Sounds concert that later aired on YouTube, giving the new concept a boost into the spotlight.

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