Monday, November 15, 2010

Shakespeare and Stephenie Meyer Ranked as Popular Facebook Author Followings

Most of the people on this list, like Stephenie Meyer, don’t have a page that they run. Their ranking tool, however is a little off, last we checked there were millions of Stephenie Meyer followers on the Official Twilight Facebook that covers the movies.

With a combination of contemporary and classic writers, the eclectic group listed has been compiled according to the number of Facebook fans, gathered with statistical tools from the website

These were the top 10 authors, as of November 11:

1. Stephen King (1,302,973 fans)

2. Nicholas Sparks (506,300)

3. George Orwell (399,403)

4. Shakespeare (356,920)

5. Nora Roberts (290,836)

6. Stephenie Meyer (261,176)

7. Jane Austen (230,814)

8. Anne Rice (229,192)

9. Jodi Picoult (209,637)

10. Sidney Sheldon (207,727)

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