Friday, January 7, 2011 Talks About Rob's New Movie Cosmopolis!

After years of play­ing a vam­pire, it’s fit­ting that Robert Pattinson’s next role should be a trader. (It was either that or a squid.)

Accord­ing to the Wrap, Robert Pat­tin­son just stole the lead role in the movie, an adap­ta­tion of 74-year old post­mod­ern author Don Delillo’s book, Cos­mopo­lis, from Colin Farrell.

The details:

Described as a study of cap­i­tal­ism in a slightly futur­is­tic metrop­o­lis, the drama will find Pat­tin­son play­ing Eric Packer, a finan­cial wun­derkind who risks his entire for­tune to bet against the yen on a tumul­tuous trad­ing day. The young man’s deci­sion back­fires and he becomes a pos­si­ble assas­si­na­tion tar­get dur­ing a 24-hour odyssey across Manhattan.

If the movie is any­thing like the book the movie’s based on, it should be awe­some. First of all, the lead is a 28-year old bil­lion­aire who enter­tains “highly sexed women” while his wife is merely an extra he sees out­side the limo he’s rid­ing around in all day (one thing we hope they change — please don’t let this be another Phonebooth).

His bet against the rise in the yen appar­ently “par­al­lels his own fall,” as he loses his clients mil­lions of dol­lars, and inter­est­ingly, he enjoys it; “rel­ish­ing being unbur­dened by the loss of so much money.”

This brings us to another rea­son why we like the idea of this movie. The book is writ­ten as a mod­ern re-interpretation of Ulysses, so it could be smart. Also, John Updike wrote a scathing review of the book in the New Yorker, and Wal­ter Kirn (who wrotethe book, Up in the Air) had an equally crit­i­cal take in his New York Times review.

Their crit­i­cism is pri­mar­ily that:

“barely cor­po­real cere­bral enti­ties occupy the pages” (Kirn)

“the sounds they pro­duce are so monot­o­nous… that it’s a mys­tery why they’re even both­er­ing” (Kim)

“DeLillo’s sym­pa­thies are so much with the poor that his rich man seems a mad­man” (Updike)

Good books almost never turn into good movies, so this bodes well. They bet­ter change that last bit though. Oth­er­wise, this’ll just be another Wall Street 2.

Gossip Dance via spunk-ransom via  Businessinsider

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  1. I think this is a great fit for HIM. HE needs this kind of character to get people to look at HIM differently. Although, by this time, HE will have silenced the masses with Water For Elephants and Bel Ami. Can't wait!


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