Monday, January 31, 2011

Critics love Kristen Stewart’s performance in Welcome To The Riley's!

Kristen Stewart was cast in Welcome to the Rileys before the Twilight movies became a cultural phenomenon. (As was the case of The Runaways and also with Walter Salles’ upcoming On the Road.)

She was just 18 and still without finish her participation in the filming of Welcome To The Rileys, when she had to leave the set of filming to do the promo tour for the first installment of the Twilight series. After weeks she returned for wrap up the filming but her world had been changed completely… The “Twilight Tsunami” had placed her in the middle of a big frenzy to which she certainly was not prepared psychologically.

Suddenly she was over exposed 24 hours a day, having dozen of paparazzi urging her take an angry posture, people bullying her like Perez Hilton, thousands of teenagers and also grown ups fighting over her, people from the entertainment and gossip business standardizing her without know her well or to have watched her body of work and from the Business itself, analysing all, each breath she took, each action and each word. She became a phenomenon herself! A brutal example of “over exposure”! If you put the name “Kristen Stewart” in the Google, you will have 26.600.000 results! She lost the human right of grow up as a person and an actress before became an selfconscious adult and consecrated actress at the public eyes.

People like Nathalie Portman, Annette Benning, Hilary Swank, Michelle Williams between others, in the last two THR roundtables with the actresses, said that they thank God everyday for have had time to grow up as a person and as an artist, mostly away from the public eyes! No one born perfect in any way!

You will see below that this “over exposure” certainly interfered in the analyse of some reviewers.

Rotten Tomatoes (RT) had 60 reviews, MetaCritic (MC) had 29 reviews, Movie Review Intelligence (MRI) had 29 reviews and the Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE) had 40 reviews but some reviews are represented in the two or three or four of them, so in the end, we have much less than 158 reviews but there are also a lot of reviews that neither of these sites listed. In the end, we found 118 reviews from professional film critics, included 38 so call Top Critics).

P – Positive review (97 reviews)

P/N – Mixed review or not gave opinion or is indifferent (10 reviews)

N – Negative review (11 reviews)

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