Saturday, January 22, 2011

Edward Cullen Vs. Cinema’s Most Famous Vampires

Edward Cullen is without question the most iconic movie vampire of the 2000s. Critics cannot argue with that (go ahead, try to argue, critics; I’ll wait). However, many take issue with “The Twilight Saga’s” portrayal of vampires, complaining that it breaks many of the genre’s ”rules.”

While it’s true, does that really matter since it’s all fiction, anyway? And aren’t rules, as they say, meant to be broken? (Imagine if Batman still looked like this.) The answer depends on whom you ask.

In this week’s column, I compare Edward with his blood-sucking predecessors, matching him up with the most iconic film vampire from each era.The breakdown should give Twi-Hards a better understanding of the lineage “Twilight” draws upon… or choices to ignore. Use the information as you see fit: to defend Edward’s character, to criticize it, or to stock in your brain as useless trivia to spout out at your next party. If nothing else, it should give you some new titles to throw in your rental queue.

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