Monday, January 3, 2011

Kellan Lutz’s New Years Resolution

First off, Lutz, 25, hopes to spend a little more face-time with his family this year.

“I don’t have too much down time, which is a good thing,” he told PEOPLE at the Grand Opening of The Cosmopolitan and Marquee Las Vegas Nightclub on New Year’s Eve. “I was in Arizona, and I got to spend time with my five brothers – that hasn’t happened in years.”

And though he’s known for his chiseled chest and hot beach body, his other goal for 2011 is to be even more disciplined: “I want to eat better,” he says.

So what are his food vices? “I keep saying I want to quit candy, and I slowly digress [to increase] the candy intake,” he says. “I eat late at night all the time, and I want to cut that back – and get more sleep. I live right across from Jack in the Box, so that’s not good.”

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Twilightish via People Magazine via Team-Twilight

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