Friday, January 14, 2011

Remember Me: One of the Most Profitable Films in 2010

When Remember Me first came out, alot of people were saying that it was a flop because it didn't set the box office on fire (a la Twilight numbers). But we all knew that that sentiment was totally incorrect and that Remember Me was quietly plugging along doing respectable business, both in the US and especially internationally. This little film did what quite a few bigger films can not do, and that was to break even at the box office.

Well, guess what? Not only was Remember Me not the flop that"critics" and naysayers were predicting it to be, but it was one of the most profitable movies from 2010.

The site has analysed the crop of 2010 and has come up with their list of most the most profitable films for the year.

This week we continue our wrap-up of 2010 by looking at the year's most profitable films. In making this calculation, we took the production budget, domestic and international box office and domestic DVD sales for each movie released during the year and calculated a rough total gross profit for the film. There's just one chart this week, but we think you'll find it interesting.

Remember Me just makes it on the list of 30 films with a comparative profit of $20,996,644. Other films that are included on this list are Toy Story 3 and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.

To read about their methodology and to view the entire list, please click here to visit The

Remember Me - Film via Twilightish

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