Monday, January 24, 2011

Support @FansAgainstDV a GREAT cause and DONATE to recieve a large Fanfiction compilation of over 100 authors!!

Are you a lover of fanfiction? Here is a way to get a large compilation of over 100 stories and donate to a worthy cause at the same time!! Here is what you have to do:
How To Donate

Donating to Fandom Against Domestic Violence

Donating is easy. Just go to the Official National Coalition Against Domestic Violence donation form from February 1-28, 2011. The minimum donation is $10. Once you receive your confirmation reciept please forward the receipt to them at and they will send you the compilation.
Remember start donating February 1st, 2011!!!
For more information on the contributing authors in the compilation or the cause itself visit there website at:
and follow them on twitter @FansAgainstDV
If you read my story "From The Darkness Comes Light" I have submitted an Outtake called 'Remember Me' it is in Elizabeth's POV (Jasper and Edwards real mother) so donate and enjoy :)
Thanks to everyone for supporting this cause!!!

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