Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TheRunaways one of Rotten Tomatoes, Editor's Choice Favorite Films of 2010

RT Editors Choose Their Favorite Films of 2010!

Your friendly neighborhood RT staffers name their favorite films of the year.

It was a good year to be bored in LA. I loved the slow-burn narcissism of Noah Baumbach's Greenberg and Sofia Coppola's Somewhere, but nothing beat West Coast ennui better than a gang of pre-punk teenage girls with guitars in this hazy, Quaalude-stoned reverie for the city's hedonistic heyday. Beautifully filmed by debut director Floria Sigismondi, who paints a kind of lovesick valentine to The Virgin Suicides via Christiane F., The Runaways captures what most join-the-dots music biopics don't: the vitality of its subject. It's as though the film had been shot through a smear of glam rock facepaint by a camera mounted on platform boots -- catching that fleeting thrill of being 16 and defiant, before the world comes crashing back down. And Dakota Fanning's eerie-eyed, silent film miming to "Lady Grinning Soul" -- before flipping off the school assembly -- goes way deeper than any over-the-top, earnest Oscar acting.

The Runaways got 68%

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