Wednesday, January 19, 2011

UPDATED: release dates list for "Water For Elephants" in Belgium, France and England.

UPDATE: Dates currently listed prior to April 22 are likely to change. We’re updating as new dates are announced, changed and confirmed.

Russia April 14

Netherlands April 14

Norway April 15

Bulgaria April 15

South Africa April 15


April 14 (D-Schweitz)

April 20 (Romandie)

April 21 (German Switzerland)

April 22 (Tessin)

Belgium April 20

Germany April 21

USA April 22 (changed from 4/15)

Finland April 22

Italy April 22

Sweden April 22

Argentina April 28

Brazil April 29

France May 4

U.K. May 4

Denmark May 5

Mexico May 5

Portugal May 5

Spain May 6

Poland May 6

CzechRepublic May 19

Philippines July 6

Singapore June 7

Australia June 9 (this date is not yet confirmed.)

This isn’t a final list – we’ll add dates as they are announced! You can also visit Water For Elephants IMDb release date page.

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