Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to my BESTIE @melarimo!!!!

Hope you have a fantastic day my darling~ filled with lot's of Rob goodness! Here are a few gifts to say I love you loads and you mean the world to me!!!

1. Neck~ Anyone who knows you doll...knows that it completely belongs to you so here you go...Lick away and while your at it feel free to run your fingers through that SEXHAIR!!!

2. What would your Birthday be like without this...I mean after all it is where we fell in LOVE right!!

3. And then there is could we even think about celebrating without New Moonward's SexWalk??

4. Tyler ahhhh....enough said

5. Eclipseward in BLUE what else could you ask for *sigh*

6. But this I know is where your LOVE for BLUE began so I wouldn't dare say Happy Birthday without him!! I love you Mel have a FUCKTASTIC day bb! Sending you GIANT HUGS and SLOPPY KISSES!!!

Now make a wish and he'll help you BLOW out your candles!!!


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