Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Marcus Foster: New Interview From TLOBF

Fantastic new interview with Marcus Foster from The Line Of Best Fit read the full interview by clicking on their link:)

A recording studio in a converted church is an apt setting for a TLOBF interview with singer-songwriter Marcus Foster. The gods have clearly blessed the Londoner with an array of talents; he is a multi-instrumentalist, an artist (he paints and sculpts) and has a beautifully evocative singing voice. His debut EP Tumble Down is a glorious fusion of Jeff Buckley, Tom Waits and The Band. Foster is so annoyingly gifted, that his publicist describes him as ‘where Michael Jackson meets Jesus’. We assume he is joking. Thankfully, Marcus turns out to be charming and more than happy to admit to an array of childhood misdemeanours. Oh, and by the way, he is best friends with Robert Pattinson.

I believe you started playing piano at the age of six – were you a bit of a musical prodigy?

My mum had a piano in her house, and I just started playing. I tried to learn the recorder for a little bit, and then the violin and it wasn’t really working. I listened to a lot of Beatles stuff and started doing recitals at school. I just like performing, I guess. I was a massive attention-seeker as a child.

Why was that?

Well, my younger brother is slightly autistic and has learning difficulties. My parents spent a lot of time on him. It makes perfect sense to put your heart and soul into that person, to make sure that they are better and turn out okay. I love my brother more than anything in the world but, when they were looking after him, I was like “Look, I can dance, I can sing”.

I believe you are a big Tom Waits fan – how did you get into his music?

I first discovered Tom Waits when it was my dad’s birthday and I bought him an album, but I listened to it before I gave it him and I thought it was amazing. So, I kept that CD and bought my dad something else.

Thanks so much TheLineOf BestFit.com

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