Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Special Auction to Help A Friend In Need!!

In case you haven't heard one of strictlyrobpattinson's admins is in serious need of some help! They are having this auction to try and raise money for her...

"One of our dear friends and admins, Shannon/BovveredLilly, has experienced a house fire that has destroyed everything they own. They lost not only possessions, but their beloved pets as well. We are devastated for her, and want to do anything we can to help out. They may get insurance help, but this will take time. As of right now, they have nothing; no clothes, no essentials, shelves of books and CDs and DVDs and memorabilia were destroyed."

Below is just one of the items listed in the auction ...there are several things to bid on so PLEASE PLEASE visit their site HERE and click on the auction widget located there...let's all come together to help a friend in need!!

■This is an unopened, Region 2 (Europe) Special Edition 3-disc DVD set. Do not bid if you cannot view Region 2 DVDs.

■It’s a Deluxe 3 disc box set, including the movie, over 300 minutes of extra material, a documentary on Forks, Bella’s engagement ring, a poster, 6 post cards and a nordic fan booklet.

■Disc 3 is from a fan meeting with Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, in Stockholm.

You will find the auction in the widget to the right–you may need to click the ‘Other Auctions’ link a few times to get to it–sorry, it’s the only way to list it on here!

This auction ends on Sunday, February 6th, at 12:00 (noon) EST.

Open to the US and International–but remember, only plays Region 2 DVDs!

All proceeds go to benefit our admin Shannon.

Once again the link to their site is HERE just click on the auction widget on the sidebar thanks so much!!!

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