Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Breaking Dawn Fan Report On Filming At Bella's House

BreakingDawnMovie.org reader, Tara, visited the set of Bella Swan’s House in Vancouver over the weekend, and she sent us exclusively her report of what she saw during her visit.

According to Tara security was tight, and couldn’t get very close to the location -

I have a couple of shots from Bella’s house where they were filming yesterday – although you can’t really see much of anything except the black screens. The security is super tight – the production company “purchased” all the roads around Bella’s house so that no one was allowed to “loiter”. We were not allowed to get anywhere near the set or any of the vehicles. After about 40 mins of standing back the police came and told us we had to leave. We couldn’t be anywhere on the road within 3 blocks of the set. From my understanding they were filming at Bella’s house for one day only – I can’t believe they built a whole house for just one day of filming! We were told none of the cast were on set, but I’m positive that that was a lie as they would have been there if they were only filming one day. Also, another girl who was standing with us saw Charlie that morning and we were pretty sure that we saw two of the wolf pack go by in the many vans with darkened windows that were flying up and down the road. I was speaking with a crew member at a local coffee shop and he said that in all his 20 years in the movie industry he has never seen so much secrecy and security on a production. He made a comment about how it seemed weird to him that the stars were hiding from the very people who made them stars.

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