Friday, March 4, 2011

Chris Weitz Answers Questions About Rob, Kristen, Taylor and New Moon via Twitter

Director Chris Weitz (New Moon) recently joined twitter and took some time out to answer some fans questions via his Twitter account @chrisweitz. If your not following him yet do it NOW.

Chris Weitz Answers Questions About Rob, Kristen, Taylor and New Moon via Twitter

@heyitsdani@chrisweitz what do you think about water for elephants' trailer, new Robert Pattinson movie

That's my boy right there. Looks lovely. I'm in line 1st weekend.

@momsenstew@chrisweitz What did you think of Welcome To The Riley's with KStew? :)

As I've said, I think Kristen is one of the best actresses of her generation. She can do no wrong in my book. But the mouth on that kid ;)

Twi Ass rhymes with "My Ass"! Don't hate on the Kstew.

@JodieO@chrisweitz When you agreed to direct New Moon did you realize you would be answering Rob and Kristen questions for the next 45 years?

If that guarantees me 45 more years of life, sure.

@mystyna@chrisweitz Favorite song from new moon soundtrack?

The Bon Iver... or the Tom Yorke...

@lolaknown@chrisweitz Which cuss word did Kristen utter when she had to put on the vampire laura ingles dress on NM? Do tell!

It should have been, "Chris, this is a f-cking stupid idea for a scene".

@NikiMarieR@chrisweitz Umm... did Taylor Lautner diss you? Why aren't you talking about him? :p ...or are you trying to help promote current movies?

Taylor and I are v. cool -- just texted him a restaurant recommendation. He only eats charred meat at the moment.

@AmandaNicolette@chrisweitz Most difficult scene to shoot in New Moon? :)

What we liked to call "The roundy-round scene" (depression cgi change of seasons)

@liSita80@chrisweitz What was the funniest thing that happened on the set of New Moon?

When I tried to prove to Kristen that it would be easy to shoot her underwater scene by going 10 feet underwater with wights on my wetsuit and panicked.

@Browneyedgirl_68 @chrisweitz Which wld u say is easier, 2 b screenwriter or Director? Was there anything in NM that you wish could've changed in hindsight?

Directing is more fun because you get to stride around acting important, but everyone asks you questions all the time. Writing is more relaxing, but I get tired of my own company.

@tinkrbe1l3@chrisweitz what happened to that kissing scene Chris...the one OUTSIDE in Montepulciano? (still love what u did with NM :))

Oh. Well, even with R+K, too much of a good thing...

@and78@chrisweitz Anyone ever baked you a loquat pie?

Are you kidding? When do people NOT bake me loquat pies? Love'em.

@caitlin71Ann@chrisweitz were you sad that you got stuck with the most depressing twilight saga book to direct?

No! I love gloomy! See About a Boy!

@robzsinger1@chrisweitz Is Rob even more dreamy in person? do tell. ;)

He is so dreamy that I am sometimes asleep while talking to him.

@fridiuks@chrisweitz Which twilight charater would you play in a Twilight movie???

I'm sort of a Mike. Or a Gran. Or maybe Jane. Yeah, she's badass.


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