Saturday, April 2, 2011

Jamie Cambell Bower: Teen Vogue Interview

Three and a half years ago Teen Vogue shot a relatively unknown Jamie Campbell Bower for his big-screen debut in Tim Burton’s gothic musical Sweeney Todd. Since then the he has catapulted to stardom with roles in megahit series like Harry Potter and Twilight. Now, the talented young actor is ready for his next epic adventure as the star of Camelot (premiering tonight on Starz). Taking a break from his nonstop schedule, the 22-year-old stopped by our offices to visit some of his old friends, and opened up about doing his own stunts for Camelot, playing a sadistic Volturi in Breaking Dawn, and cleaning up his act for girlfriend (and Harry Potter star) Bonnie Wright.

We shot you for our Young Hollywood portfolio in 2007. What have you been up to since then?

I think when I did that shoot Sweeney Todd was just about to come out. I did a couple of small roles and an international movie—a Dutch film—followed by The Prisoner mini-series on AMC. Then I landed Twilight and Harry Potter. Now I’ve got Camelot.

So you haven’t been busy at all.

It’s been all work and no play for the last three years. I haven’t been able to take a holiday, but now I’m going to Indonesia then Bali, and ending up in Australia.

What was it like working on Camelot?

We filmed in Ireland, right outside of Dublin, for seven months last year. Before we started shooting we had a month of boot camp—learning things like horse riding and sword fighting. Every day it was just a bunch of boys getting to be boys.

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