Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kristen in Tom Sizemore Film?

While at Comic-Con we were able to catch up with Tom Sizemore who is promoting Indican Pictures' "The Grind." The actor who is known for roles in "Saving Private Ryan," "Heat" and "Strange Days," spoke 1-1 to Andrew Bunker of Movie Jungle about the film.

The veteran actor who has a ton of upcoming offferings as seen on IMDb, spoke about his role in the film as well as some of the other projects he's excited about. One in particular that caught our attention was "An Evening with Donald Kapinski," which may or may not turn out being made.

"I was supposed to have already done that movie. with Ms. Lindsey Lohan, but she's had her own troubles of late and it's been delayed. And I'm not sure if Ms. Lohan's going to do it, and if she doesn't do it, Kristen Stewart is going to do it...may do it. We're starting that in October," said Sizemore.

"It's about an athlete...in the vein of like a Joe Montana, who has gone blind and has kept it secret...in a car accident. And then his wife takes him back to New York City where he was born, because he is so depressed, to try and reaquaint himself with his life and they get seperated. And, this young girl recognizes him, who was Ms. Lohan. And they're trying to find his wife. It's kind of a romantic comedy.

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