Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wanna get into Robert Pattinson's pants?

When you are as popular as Robert Pattinson, everyone wants a piece of you! The immensely popular ‘Twilight’ heartthrob has now even inspired an entire range of underwear by Marks & Spencer!

The range is being called R-Pant, designed to be worn underneath skinny jeans and trousers. But Pattinson has turned down the opportunity to model the underwear. We asked Rob fans if they are looking forward to buying the R pants!

A ‘Robsessed’ 24-year-old TV Producer Rajpreet Sondh says, “Anything to do with Robert Pattinson is always welcome. I think the sale would be huge as Robert is quite popular amongst youngsters be it men or women.. everyone loves him.. at least no one would ask him for his underpants now which has happened! Every one would have one be it guys or girls.”

However, Rob fan and journalist Smita Roy begs to differ. Smita says, “Even if I love Robert Pattinson, why would I buy underpants which are inspired by him! Underwear is something that is a matter of comfort more than style statement or anything else and what may be comfortable to him, may not be comfortable for another person. I’d rather buy something for my husband which he is comfortable with. Having said that, there are people who wear Ed Hardy undies because a Salman Khan wears it. So, it’s a matter of personal choice.”

Oli Arnold, style director of Men's Health magazine, said: “Maybe lots of women will buy them for their husbands and boyfriends."

Whatever the case, we are sure Robsessed fans would definitely buy it and won’t mind keeping them as a souvenir!


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