Friday, November 12, 2010

Metric Talks About Being On The "Eclipse" Soundtrack!

Personal performances for heads of state aside, Metric’s influence has been rapidly expanding, due in no small part to their recent inclusion in films such as The Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Film is a natural fit for the band, and has been an important part of their growth on the road trip to superstardom.

“We wrote the theme song for the Twilight movie with Howard Shore, the composer,” Emily continued. “The end of the movie is our song, written with him. He came to us saying, ‘Will you write a song with me?’ We needed to write the theme that culminates at the end of the movie, and then throughout the whole movie, you can hear that he took our melody that we wrote, and he has the strings playing it like seven times.” The result is a Twilightfilm, Eclipse, perhaps the best to date, that’s decidedly Metric-inspired.

“It was really nice to learn from him how the process works in composing. A very preliminary sort of glimpse, but that’s been exciting for me,” said Emily. “It’s always flattering when people ask you to do songs in a soundtrack, but it’s wholly another level when they ask you to write the score. That’s definitely something we’re interested in doing more of.”

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